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» » අයියලා මල්ලිලා අක්කලා නංගිලා පොඩි කාලේ ගත්ත ෆොටෝ ඒ විදිහටම ලොකු උනහමත් අරගෙන.... ලෝකයම පුදුම වූ ජායාරූප 38 මෙන්න (PHOTOS)

අක්කලා නංගිලා, අයියලා මල්ලිලා, මල්ලිලා  අක්කලා, අයියලා නංගිලා එක බඩවැල කඩාගෙන ඇවිත් පුංචි කාලේ ඉදලා එකට ඉදලා අද වෙනකොට සමහර විට ලෝක දෙකක ජීවත් වෙනවා ඇති. 

ලෝකය පුරාම එහෙම සුන්දර සහෝදර සහෝදරියන් කූඩා කාලයේ ගත්ත ජායාරූප  වැඩිහිටියන් වුනායින් පස්සේ ඒ වගේම අනුකරණය කරලා ගත්ත ජායාරූප 38 ලෝකය පුරාම අන්තර්ජාල පරිශීලකයින්ගෙ ආකර්ශණය දිනාගන්න සමත්වෙලා තියෙනවා.

ඒ ජායාරූප පෙළ ඔබට පහතින් බලන්න පුලුවන්

#1. Eating spaghetti is always a messy affair.
#2. You’re never too old to go pantsless.
#3. It’s hard to tell which image makes him look tougher.
#4. Skills at every age.
#5. Tiny superheroes, all grown up.
#6. The important thing is their mom still loves them.
#7. The perfect family reenactment.
#8. He still wears his shirts like this.
#9. It’s slightly less comfortable now.
#10. Doing it as an adult requires a lot more core strength than they bargained for.
#11. Dad has got the look down, even after all these years.
#12. These two haven’t aged a day.
#13. Still sailin’.
#14. Two perfect days at the beach.
#15. The beards take it to an entirely new level.
#16. Car rides with your siblings are always a good time.
#17. Nailed it.
#18. Good thing there are two versions of these costumes.
#19. It looks like the same bike, too.
#20. This family knows how to have a good time.
#21. They’ve still got those little baby faces.
#22. Check out that grown-up baby bottle.
#23. Such a heartwarming moment.
#24. Talent through the ages.
#25. Some brothers never change.
#26. They were bad before, they’re worse now, and we love all of it.
#27. Not as comfortable as it used to be.
#28. Perfectly natural family behavior.
#29. Looking buff as ever.
#30. If the bowl still fits.
#31. He still loves to celebrate his birthday like this.
#32. His yawn hasn’t changed.
#33. He really took it all the way with this one.
#34. That’s some serious skill.
#35. Perfect.
#36. The important thing is they never stopped having fun.
#37. Climbing game still strong.
#38. No matter how old you are, that’s just where your hand goes.

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